Sharle has over 18 years of experience with color, chemical treatments, hair cutting, and styling. Learning as an apprentice in DC and presently working in Los Angeles and Denver, Sharle has worked with some of the best in the industry. Sharle trained with Sebastian as an educator and was part of the artistic team. Assisting and training under Christophe in Beverley Hills, Sharle has been working her own clientele for 10+ years. Splitting her time between clientele in both LA and Denver Sharle also does freelance, weddings, and editorial.

Sharle's philosophy is that healthy hair is always in style. She aspires to give a personalized look for each individual client taking into consideration the texture and thickness of their hair. Never wanting to hear a client say that they love their hair when they leave the salon but when they tried to style it themselves it did not look the same. Sharle wants all of her clients to be able to look great even if they let their hair air dry and makes sure that if they do take the time to style, that it is very quick and easy.

"I love what I do, I will never stop learning, and it shows!!!"

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